Why SecondHands Fashion?

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Amanda and Ryanne original founders of SecondHands Fashion

Thank you Ry from the bottom of my heart!


We want to build relationships with our clients and we do that by personalizing our shipments. Each shipment comes with a note from your stylist and an opportunity to provide feedback. We genuinely listen to this feedback and we use it to create a better styling experience for you. 

On Your Budget​

Because we shop primarily consignment, we can bring you a more affordable experience than our competitors. Remember the $25 styling fee you are charged at the beginning of each order can be used towards your final purchase order. Bonus! Enjoy a 20% discount if you decide to keep all five items! 

On Your Schedule

You can opt to receive shipments as often as you'd like. Schedule deliveries based on your style needs with automatic shipping enrollment. 
Big event or trip coming up? No problem! Schedule extra deliveries at any time. 

SecondHands Fashion is thrilled to now be providing our clients with the option of receiving brand new items from our very own boutique line in their shipments! 

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SHF Boutique

 Amanda O'Connor
-A special notice-
Hi everyone! My name is Amanda and I am the current owner and stylist of SecondHands Fashion. SeondHands Fashion was founded in Spring of 2015 by myself, and my very best friend Ryanne Bostrom! You see... I have always had a passion for fashion, clever rhyme I know, but I never knew quite how I wanted to use that passion to fulfill my goals! That is, until Ryanne stepped up, like the amazing woman she is, and convinced me that we had a rock solid idea! I suppose you could say that Ryanne was the driving force for this business, because me... well I'm a planner, and she is most definitely the spontaneous one! We put in HOURS upon HOURS of hard-work, tears, and dedication to get this business going and I would say without a doubt, that neither one of us could have done it without each other, nor would SecondHands Fashion have taken off like it did without the team work we put in to it. At this time life is... well life, and it is REALLY busy for all of us, but especially for Ryanne, who, SHOUT OUT, just landed her first teaching job at the local elementary school AND is expecting her 3rd baby girl in just a few short weeks!  For that reason, Ryanne has made the again rock solid, decision to no longer continue on with her SecondHands journey. But hey do you blame her? I sure don't and I'm honored to have had her by my side for the last year and a half while beginning this journey. We appreciate your patience over the last several weeks as we have come to this decision and been sorting things out and catching back up on orders. Now, I don't promise to be everything we were as a team, but I sure do promise to do my very best and to keep finding you AMAZING pieces at AMAZING prices!
Sincerely, Your Friend in Style

A little about the owner: Amanda is a graduate of St. Catherine University and holds a bachelor's degree in Nursing. She currently works part time as a Registered Nurse in the Emergency Department of the local hospital. She has been married for 3 years to her husband Jeff and together they have a beautiful 1 year old daughter and 3 year old cat! They have recently sold their home and are working on investing in a piece of property to build the home of their dreams!