Well it’s officially here.. Fall... School is in full swing, the days are getting shorter, and cooler, and slowly but surely we are beginning to think of the holidays. Often one of the first things we do to prep for the holidays is update the ever popular family photos; because, what better way is there than to greet your loved ones with a beautiful photo greeting card. Not only are the leaves beginning to change to provide the most beautiful backdrop for outdoor photos, but the weather is simply glorious! Not too hot, not too cold, perfectly tolerable for smiling from ear to ear with your family at your side, making this one of the most popular times of year to update your photos. Now you’re probably wondering, how does this have anything to do with fashion? Well, more often than not, people struggle to know just what to dress their family in to make their photo look top notch. I’m going to give you a few tips and trends currently, to keep in mind and ease your stress when planning outfits for your fall family photos this year!

The biggest and most important tip I will give you is to wear something you are all comfortable in. If you are wearing clothes that do not fit or are simply not your style you will be uncomfortable and this can easily be conveyed in your body language in the photos. The best photos are those that capture your personalities in a natural interactive environment and this will be easiest for your photographer to obtain if you are comfortable and feel confident in what you are wearing. Plus, who wants to be wearing something that is tight or scratchy for instance, this experience should be fun!

Next, I recommend to keep it simple. It is easy to get carried away by over use of accessories or wearing something very trendy. What really creates an easy to look at and truly timeless photo is classic, simple and neutral toned pieces.

Crystal of Crystal’s Photography MN based out of Cambridge states “I always recommend my clients to wear earth tones and neutrals. They are always flattering for your complexion, and compliment the fall colors.” She also states to not be afraid to wear something with pattern such as “floral print, stripes or plaid” which are reported to “photograph amazing”, but “terra cotta instead of orange” can make all the difference to capturing your photos this year!

When wearing patterns such as those mentioned above try not to get too carried away by mixing and matching multiple patterns. Instead try incorporating texture and layers into your outfit selections for a unique and added style.

Lastly, this time of year warmer, darker colors in a bit dressier attire are best. Now this doesn’t mean you have to rush to The Outlet Mall for a cocktail dress or a dinner jacket, but consider dressing your pieces up by adding details through accessories and layers. Fall color trends this year that fit this recommendation include colors such as navy, beige, olive, and mustard.

If you’re looking to add more color to your photos I’d suggest to keep the adults in the photos in neutral tones and have the kids wearing the colorful accents, because let’s be honest kids are the epitome of color. I would also recommend a very subtle way to incorporate more color is by having the colorful accents in your accessories such as a scarf, shoes,belt or jewelry, as opposed to a full outfit.

In summary, remember to keep it simple, choose pieces that are comfortable in neutral tones, and add detail through accessories and layers to take your family’s ‘look’ to a whole new level. Most importantly, relax and have fun!

P.S. The fall color report shows the next few weeks as prime time for the leaves in our area to be changing, so call a photog today and get planning!

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October 4th 2016

Dressing for Family Photos