Hear what our current clients are saying!

"I have to give a shout out to you! I got my first package from you last night and I loved it! MUCH less than StitchFix and super cute clothes! I was at the doctor's office today and I wore one of your tops you sent me. The nurse asked me where I got it, so I filled her in on you all. So excited to schedule my next delivery!"
-Evangeline S. 

I received my first shipment today! It was so fun opening it up and seeing what items were picked. Seriously, if you haven't tried this yet, you should! I highly recommend it! I have been wanting to try StitchFix for months, but it was too expensive. This was all the fun and fashion, but way more affordable. I will definitely be doing this again!
-Kelsey B.

"SecondHands Fashion has been a great experience! My shipments often match my style profile, but Ryanne and Amanda also do a great job of sending items that are just a little outside my comfort zone! I have tried many new styles, prints, and colors that I LOVE and would not have chosen for myself!"
-Michele S. 

"I love the personal attention paid to what was put in my box. I loved the speed in which I got my box and also the referral bonus is great motivation for me to tell people about it! 
-Bethany C.

"I loved this! After doing StitchFix and having sticker shock- it is so much fun to shop with less pressure about cost! I have some great pieces from you and have left detailed feedback! You ladies are awesome and I will be signing up for a monthly subscription! I have been telling many people about your service- hope you can keep it coming!"
-Stephanie S. 

"Just got my second shipment from SecondHands Fashion today. I cannot speak more highly of these ladies. When you dress up for work everyday the sparkle of dressing up loses it's luster. Whenever I feel like it's time to spice up my wardrobe these ladies seem to hit the nail on the head. Everything in the order was simply perfect!"
-Julie I. 

"I got my first SecondHands Fashion shipment and I love every single item! This was so much fun. I'm not the most stylish person, and I love how the someone else did the shopping for me! Check them out!"
-Katherine L.